FanFic Stories

A single place with links to all my fanfic stories at  Notifications of story updates and new material will still be posted individually.

Past Imperfect and Future Progressive – a crossover with Riddick and Wolverine
“It’s a jail break. I understand you’re good at that kind of thing.”
Riddick raised an eyebrow. “Perhaps you should elaborate.”
Status: in progress

Fires of Home – Riddick
Summary – post TCOR – Called by Shirah, Riddick returns to Furya. Rating for language and anything else that might happen.
Status – in progress

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – Riddick
Summary – ONE SHOT: the result of too much turkey and too much wine for Thanksgiving and inspired by a pic someone did of Riddick carving a turkey. Feeds into Staying for Dessert.
Status – Complete

Staying for Dessert – Riddick
Summary – ONE SHOT: Picks up where Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner left off. Enjoy. Inspired by a reader prompt.  Dedicated to Linda H.
Status – Complete

Breakfast in Bed – Riddick
Summary – One Shot: Part 3 of what was supposed to be a one shot. Predecessors are Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Staying for Dessert, in that order. And, trust me, it’ll make that much more sense to read them in order.
Status – Complete

A Winter’s Eve – Riddick
Summary – One Shot: A special evening with Riddick for Cathy
Status – Complete

Happy New Year – Riddick
Summary – One Shot: Big Evil comes to welcome the New Year
Status – Complete

Shivs on a Plane
Summary – Yet another Riddick one shot…inspired by an upcoming business trip and hormonal flux; I’d offer my apologies to Samuel L Jackson, but he’s just as big of a geek as Vin is as evidenced by the enthusiasm with which he embraced the part of Mace Windu
Status – Complete
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