Deadly Sky

The sky above burned, and when I asked why,

All Modda could do was look up and cry.

The sins of those who have gone before,
Have returned to haunt us once again and more.

Skeletal branches reached up high overhead,
To scratch at a sky that no longer rained, no longer fed.

What lay all around us was memorized  wasteland,
Miles and miles of dirt and rocks and wind blown sand.

I scuffed my boot on the ground and offered a shrug,
Against a past I could not remember, I could hold no grudge.

All I knew was that this day I had to survive,
And if I woke the next morn, I’d be glad to be alive.


My Angel

Eyes of deepest blue,
Golden curls, angelic face,
He is my Blessing.


Fragrant Lavender
Enveloping my senses
Soothing my spirit.

Haiku: Dom

Mourning a lost love,
Charging towards destiny,
Speed away from pain.

Haiku: Riddick

Master of escape,
Standing alone against darkness,
Whirling death with shivs.

Haiku: Vin

Beautiful charmer,
Stealing all our hearts away,
It is Vin Diesel.

Haiku: Goddess

Spinning in the Sun;
Dancing with Joy, Grace and Love;
Goddess smiles on me.