The old boy has done it again…

I must tell you about this new game… It is being run by of my long time friends and one hell of a GM. In his own words, it is an experiment. How much does it speak to his skill that he had several takers from the start. Honestly, I was not one of the band wagoners from the get go. I had no idea for a character, and normally they just about jump into my head fully formed. I see the initial posts of a couple of the players, and one night my toon comes knocking…and will NOT let me sleep until I get her written down.

He sets it up so that every player has created a fairly average, every day, go to work and pay my dues type of character. We are all cogs in the machine if you will. For each of us, our first series of posts are just our toons going about their day on a pleasant spring day in San Francisco. Night falls, we are getting ready for turn in for the night, etc….and the next thing we all know, we are in a place out of our worst nightmares.

And away we go…

If you’re new to these bits and pieces of RPG posts, I play PBP games, that is play by post over on DreamLyrics. If you might be interested, stop by and visit. Most active games can be browsed by the public at large, though the one mentioned above, Just Another Day, is age restricted due to the content. We love to see new faces, and maybe you might even run into someone you know. Many of us played together on the Compuserve RPGs CIG way back when.

Happy Gaming!


Girl Got Game

Over on DreamLyrics a long time friend has started a new play by post RPG based in the world of the comic Old Man Logan. Being a long, long time Logan fan, there was no way I was going to pass this up. That, and the fact that PP is an amazingly, detailed writer and crafter of games made this a win-win scenario. There is no system or mechanics other than what is in his head, and I am perfectly okay with that. I like the mechanics to be invisible. The old “PC2 moves to attack K3” stilted stuff just bogs things down for me, especially in a play by post format.

The game is starting out near the beginning of the story arc. Logan is still at the ranch with his family. What happens after that is anyone’s guess as PC actions tend to drastically change the world they are in. Of course bits and pieces of the arc will be used, and I’ve been sworn to secrecy for what I recognize since I’m the only one of the players that is familiar with the story.

The player characters are all in their teens and each has some kind of power. It remains to be seen if they will survive the world long enough to become the new Heroes the world needs so badly.

So far only two of us have actually started game play. I must say that the first post for my Wren blew us (me and the toon) completely away, both figuratively and literally.

I am so going to enjoy this game.

Update: I will be archiving the game story / play over at Old Man Logan RPG

Old Man Logan was published by Marvel Comics as an 8-story issue from 2008-2009. A hard copy collector’s edition was published in January 2010.

Coya Tempesti

It was the quiet that woke Coya. The ship was utterly still, unusual even when they were at dock. Looking around she saw Flint staring out the open window. She saw his fingers moving, the glint of gold gliding through them.

“Storm coming, Flint?” she asked as she rose from the bed and wrapped a shawl about her shoulders.

“Aye, lass, big one too,” he answered without looking over.

“How long?”

“Day, maybe two.”

She put a hand on his shoulder and shivered. “How long have you been standing here, Flint? Your skin’s like ice.”

Shrugging he did now turn towards her. He was oddly somber and contemplative. “Why do ye do it, Coya?”

She tensed a little. He rarely used her name, the name she had chosen for herself. They both knew it was not her real name. She had never given that, and he had never asked, content to call her lass.

“Do what, Flint?”

“Stay with an old sea dog like me. Surely younger and handsomer men have caught your eye.”

Is that all it is? Coya smiled and kissed his cheek.. “When I leave you, Flint, it won’t be for another. Come back to bed, let me warm you up, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

He enjoyed watching the sway of her hips as he let her lead him back to his bed. Derrick Flint did not get to be a successful pirate captain by being a fool, and any woman-loving man who turned down Coya’s offer would be a fool. She had been a mere slip of a girl when he had brought her aboard, and she had become an exquisite woman with beauty and brains in equal measure.

They sank down into the mattress together, and she wrapped herself and the blankets about him. She pillowed his head on her breasts and began to run her fingers through his hair. “Flint, my dear captain, you may be a dirty scoundrel of a pirate, but you have always treated me with nobility and honor.”

“And nobility and honor is something you know of, lass?”

“Yes, intimately. And you have more of it than most nobles, you can take my word on that. That you waited for me to offer you what you could have easily taken by force only exemplifies it,” she answered then continued before he could think to ask more. “As to when I will leave you, that will happen when I have enough to build or buy my own ship.”

“So I should ensure our ventures are less successful from here on to keep you around longer?”

She laughed, knowing it to be the empty threat it was. “No one will ever replace you, Flint. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“But I will be replaced by your ship.”

“Will you be jealous of her?”

“No more than you are of the Estrella.”

“She and I have come to understanding.”

“Oh? And what kind of understanding would that be?”

“She takes care of you out there, and I take care of you in here,” she told him.. “Flint?”

“Aye, lass?”

“What is that gold piece you were ruminating over? It always seems to come to hand when you think deeply.”

“Tis just a momento,” he said, “from the early days of my career.”

“Tell me about someday?”

He tilted his head back to see her face. “Aye, someday.”

On Character(s)

I seem to have this problem with my characters….I never can tell what it is they are going to do until they actually do it.  When I was getting ready to participate in last year’s NaNoWriMo, I kept seeing people posting and making comments about plot outlines and what not. I tried a plot outline once, had the whole story arc mapped out and everything. The story’s characters completely ignored it and me. They just didn’t get that they were supposed to be following my script…either that or they just didn’t care.

I remember reading somewhere an author talking about how her characters take on lives of their own. I think it might have been Mercedes Lackey, maybe. In any case I do know exactly what she is talking about. What I do now is point the characters in a general direction and just see what happens from there.

Oddly enough I find the same thing happens in my PBP (play by post) role playing games. I also try very hard to play true not only to the character I have written but to the surrounding story. I think that’s why one certain GM had so much fun killing me repeatedly. The first time out, though, I didn’t know the PC would live. I was fully prepared for her to die an ignominious death. I would have missed the game terribly had she died then. Of course then we would not have had the utterly dramatic scenes of her most cherished NPCs dieing. I still miss that game since it ended, but I did find a new home for her. Stories of her own … of her life before the time of the game. 🙂

Yes, I’m rambling…

Back to my written characters and the various stories they inhabit. If you are thinking about asking what will happen next, don’t bother because I have not the faintest clue. I may have a general idea of “yeah, they’re going there”, but that doesn’t mean they will. Sometimes they go quiet and won’t talk to me at all. I might as well not even exist. Then there are other times where I can actually see what is happening, and if I don’t get it written down somehow, someway they will give me no peace.

What I’m hoping this all leads to is at least one complete story eventually, as opposed to the never ending kind…you know the ones, where you get through all 1500-2000 pages then have to wait 2 years for the next part…

Currently the only ones that look like they have a chance of finishing at the Riddick non-“one shot” stories. I may just have to get some stuff up on The climbing stats and reader reviews really keep me going.

A big, heartfelt thanks to all my readers, both the reviewers and the silent majority.

One Love


OFT Albatross Ship Views

OFT Albatross Credits

The unended story of the Albatross was contributed to by all her players: Satrak, Pandora, Steve, Ural, Sophos, Ed, and Shrike.  In the great scheme of STS, we alone were GM’less and yet there was never any lack of action.  Each of you brought unique vision and plot twists.  Perhaps one day we will be able to continue.

Sophos is responsible for the incredible ship’s graphics.  His talent is only surpassed by his dedication to this endeavor.

A heartfelt thanks goes to those who made the Albatross so enjoyable.  I count you as dear friends and shall always look  upon our times together with great fondness.

Thanks to Rodney for convincing me to join.

And thank you to all the others of STS,  those who were onboard my first ship, the RSS Valkar;  those who populated the other ships, planets, and starbases: USS Armstrong, USS Black Knight, USS Battalion, RSS Condor, USS Eclipse,  USS Neptune, Idran IV, USS Nova, USS Renegade, USB Shekinah, SS T’ien Nan Men, USS Valkyrie.

OFT Albatross Ship Specs

OFT Albatross

Ship stats and other details

Nikkei Merchantman YH

Dimensions: 347m x 80m x 200m (3-D model of ship is 240m x 47m x 157m)
Mass, unladen: 198,000 mt
Superstructure strength: 118

Computer: Z-M3 Main Core
O-M2 Bridge Core
O-M1 Cargo Core

Crew: 6 x 4 Emergency: 2 x 20 Cargo: 4
Cargo Replicator/Tranporter network between all cargo holds

Cargo holds: 57
Cargo units: Main Cargo Hold:
Ship Hold A:
Ship Hold B:
Various auxillery holds:

Officers: 45 Regulars: 233 Troops: 200

Shuttlebays: 2
Shuttlecraft: 2 1 equipped with ZD-8T Cloaking Device

Tractor beams:
External: 4 Internal: 1

Warp Core: 1 Orion OWK-3, with Tholian accellerator chamber elements
Available Power: 80 Total: 80
Impulse Reactors: 4 x FIG-1 Available Power: 4 each Total: 16
Auxillery Reactors: 3 x FIK-4 Available Power: 4 each Total: 12
Total Available Power: 108

Warp Engines: 2 x FIWE-1 Required Power: 68-80
Maximum speed: 9.3
Impulse Engines: 2 x FIG-1 Required Power: 1-16
Maximum speed: .49c or .99c ???

4 redundant circuit JKL-3F coolant systems, shipwide veins.

Antimatter: 6 Belgan-Stren EM anitmatter pods, ejectable
Fuel supply: 24 months
Deuterium: 2 sets of chambered tanks, 3 tanks each.
Fuel supply: 21.6 months

Beam: 2 Plasma cannon Type & number: 12 x FPEC12 (f)
Maximum charge: 12
Maximum range: 18
Beam: 3 Phaser banks Type & number: 3 x KD-22 (f,p,s)
Maximum charge: 9
Maximum range: 20
Photon: 2 Photon Tubes Type & number: 2 x OP-D (fp,fs)
Warhead: 25
Maximum range: 18
Total possible: 144 ????

Shields: Maximum Shields: 22 Maximum Maintainable Shields: 17
Ship Sld Generators: 6 x DSP-1 Power each: 1 Total grid: 10
4 x DSY-3 Power each: 1
Bridge Sld Generators: 2 x DSP-2 Power each: 2 Total grid: 4
Cargo Sld Generators: 4 x DRT-2 Power each: 2 Total grid: 8
Cloaking Device: 1 x ZD-8T Power Req: 1-11 shield
Grid system — ship shield grid is actually a system of 3 seperate shield grids which can be run independantly or combined for redundant ship coverage. The ship grid is powered from three generator rooms of two generators each; one in each tail fin beside cargo, and another in Main Engineering. It covers the entire ship. The Bridge shield grid is primarily for added command protection and it’s field is both external and internal to provide additional security. It can only be extended to cover the front hemisphere of the ship. The cargo shield grid is primarily for added protection of the cargobay and it’s contents. It too is both external and internal. It can be extended once to cover the warp nacelles and the open area between the tail fins, or twice to cover the ship. All generators are channelable to any grid, allowing the bridge generators to power the cargo field grid, for example.
Cloak-Shield — at present this shield system has the ability to negate or mask external scans attempted on the ship.
In negating a scan it simply “bends” the scan around the ship, allowing it to pass as if nothing were there. Of course this will only be effective if the scanning ship is not within visual range or for internal objects that are not visible. The signal negation is selectable, allowing the entire ship or only individual systems and objects to be hidden (it could appear noraml except that no weapons were onboard, or that no crew was aboard, etc..) The negation is also a defense against weapon and transporter locks, though visual weapons locks are unaffected.
In masking it presents the sensor impression of a different type of ship (the scanning ship will pick up the readings of a Federation shuttle instead of the Albatross) or, if sub-warp, an object (like an asteroid). The entire ship is under a sensor cloak, so return of any information is selectable. It can be adjusted to give a normal apperance with additions or false information, such as a hold full of troops with the apperance of a cargo of elephants, or that the weapons systems are offline when actually online. It can create multiple scan images of an person or thing aboard. If an opposing ship is scanning for a particular person or thing, the cloak-shield can cover their signature pattern and/or reproduce it in as many areas of the ship as necessary. The masking cloak requires constant power and adjustment to maintain, and is a defensive system against transporter and weapons locks (with varying degree’s of possible success).
****Note: Holographic imaging — this stage of the shield is still in it’s developemental stages.
In theory, this phase will not only reflect the scan readings of another type of object, but will also display a holograpic image of the same object, subject to mass and size limitations. This would render the scan cloak effective at both long and short range.
Restrictions: This shield system cannot function at speeds above Warp 5. Also, the shield power must remain at 50%(11) or higher for it to remain functioning.
Operating flaws discovered so far: The cloak-shield blinks out momentarily when absorbing explosive energy like the impact of torpedo/cannon fire, and must be recycled.
The cloak-shield was recently tested under fire and did quite well.

Artificial gravity can be killed on command
Saftey webbing on all bunks.
4 point harnesses on all seats
Handhold and secure areas in all corridors
Tracked seating in engineering so that crew can work in Zero-G
All bridge functions can be rerouted to any other station
(including command chair and XO’s seat)
Engineering function can be rerouted to panel on CE’s biosuit
3 drop bays for torpedos, probes and Sunburst flares
(1 fore center, 1 aft starboard, 1 aft port)
Stellar Cartography Section
Tactical/Navigational Sensor array (Dorsal and Ventral)
Latteral Sensor array with extendable pallets (mounted probes)
Long Range Sensor array, including Biloanic Orbital Telescope
7 EVA Arilocks, 5 EVA APM’s, remote engineering repair pod
Ship divided into sections, each with SIF, IDS, Gravity, security forcefield & Environmental backups
Shuttered windows
Computer voice sounds like James Earl Jones