Sacred Path Reading 2/13/11

Aspen-Falling Leaf Moon-Goldenseal

Nurturing the inner child as Aspen protects from all, offering assistance as you journey. Aspen guards your mind. Eloquence and elegance are yours to be used to further your workings. You have loyalty, harmony dependability.

It is a time of transformation; a time to release the old and accept the new. Understand all that which surrounds you on every level. Share what you learn with those that come after you. Your passions will be great. Trust your feelings. Acknowledge past, present, future and what each holds.

Healing, protection and cleansing are offered. Seek out the root of the problem and deal with it. Abundance and prosperity can be had through communication.


Card of the Day 2/4/11

Maple (Masculine-West-Jupiter-Air)

Share your gifts with those around you and the world at large. Embrace the changes and go with the flow. Reconnect with the past and with history, learn what they have to teach you and use it to move forward.

Card of the Day, 2/1/11

Willow (Feminine-South-Moon-Water)

I am Willow.  I symbolize truth and justice.  I allow you to bend and not break.  I remind you to be flexible.  I will capture your dreams and enhance your journeys with love and protection.  Do not indulge in self pity for I will left you up.

Card of the Day 1/31/11

Crow  Moon (Aries-Pots-Child)

You see clearly that which is before you.    Use this knowledge in your day, but be sure to remain grounded and control your ego.  Focus on earth wisdom and healing, listen to your intuitions.

Card of the Day 1/26/11

I decided to do a Card of the Day for tomorrow, and this card literally jumped out at me.  Oddly enough or not, I’ve always had an affinity for hematite.  I would like to acquire a ring of hematite once again.  It always goes so well with my turquoise.  Anyway, on to the card reading.

Hematite (masculine – foot chakra – earth)

Hematite is the magnetic stone that grounds, balances, stabilizes and reconnects to Mother Earth.  Hematite is the symbol of the Warrior’s courage and protection.  Hematite strengthens me and enhances the positive aspects of my personality, engendering trust and  optimism.  Hematite is the corner stone of creativity and invention.

I am grounded and balanced with a deep and strong connection to the Earth.  I offer both the courage and protection of a Warrior, and I show that I am trustworthy.  Creativity is a part of my life, whether it is finding a creative solution to a problem at work or exercising my creative writing or experimenting in photo tweaking software.


Blessed Be,


On Faith

In the last class with Sifu Ed he repeated a saying I had heard before.  In this moment, it seems appropriate to repeat it here in regards to faith.

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than walking into a garage makes you a car.”

Religion and faith (or spirituality) are two very different things.  I have known many religious people who are faithless, who would turn out the one they profess to follow if he were to walk among them today.  I have also known people of great faith, who give of themselves and truly live their beliefs.  It is a sad thing to say, but, in my experience,  most of the major religions of the world are predominantly made up of the former rather than the latter.

As for myself, I am an Eclectic Pagan.  What that means is I do not follow a single set of tenets from one ‘system’, rather that I incorporate aspects of several different paths.  My faith is not a static thing, but it is ever changing and growing as we all do throughout our lives.

As for where the tenets of my path originate, that has come to me from a variety of sources.  As I have become ready to know them, they have shown themselves to me.

These are the ties to my beginnings, to the people who were my ancestors: the indigenous people of this land, who once called themselves Aniyunwiya commonly known as the Cherokee.   My totem and that of my husband who have both offered me comfort and strength.

The Celts where other beginnings lie.  I, like many, can lay claim to Scottish and Irish ancestry.

The Goddess Athena who offered Wisdom in the Craft of War to ensure the She was victorious.

The philosophies of Taoism and Buddhism that permeate any true study of the martial arts.

All these and others that have not been named keep me in spiritual balance.  My faith is strong and is not threatened by others who believe differently or walk another path for each must seek her own way.


Card of the Day 1

Falling Leaf Moon (Scorpio – Baskets – Adult)

I am the Moon of Falling Leaves. It is a time of apparent death and transformation. For without letting go of the old, you cannot take on the new. My wisdom leads you to ultimate understanding of nature and the universe. That which has been a smoky mystery to you will become clear. Learn what I have to teach and pass it on to future generations. Your passionate nature will be amplified at this time and deep relationships will follow. Be flexible and go with your intuitions, trust your feelings. I am the present, the past and the future.