One thing Leads to Another

It’s a crowded hallway with all the stuff stacked about, sometimes not much room to maneuver.  I’m working on something, not really paying attention when someone needs to get by into the room beyond. A murmured “excuse me”, a protecting / warning hand briefly touches my hip, slides across my lower back. I look over, see that it is him.

He gives me that smile again, “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” I say.

Fortunately for me my work takes me into the room as well.   The door closes behind me as I move away from it.  For several long moments we just stand there looking at each other, barely a foot between us.  I can see the lines of his well built chest stretching his shirt, and I wonder what it looks like without it.  His mouth is full and sensual surrounded by a light scruff.  And those dark eyes drinking me just make my heart speed up.

Finally I ask, “You don’t mind do you?”

“Mind what?” he asks, unsure.

“That I’ve been enjoying the scenery.”

His eyes light up with his laugh, and he shakes his head, “No, not at all.  I’ve been enjoying it too.  I was hoping I would see you again. ”

I grin.  “Yeah?”

“Yeah.  We didn’t get a chance to talk the other day.”

“No, no we didn’t,” I reply thinking that talking was not what I had in mind.

Apparently it wasn’t really what he had in mind either as he closes the short distance between us and presses his lips to mine.  The kiss is tentative at first, but I put my hands on either side of his neck and pull him in as I kiss him back with aggression.  He responds in kind.    It is like electricity between us, sparks flying and I can’t get enough.  I want more.  Suddenly my feet are no longer touching the ground as he lifts me up.  I break the kiss in surprise.  I could see he is breathing as hard as I am as he sets me on the counter.  My head is just a bit higher than his now.

“I have wanted to do that for days,” he tells me, catching his breath.

“Me too.” I bit my lip.  “Does the rest of you look as good as your chest?”

He answers by putting his hat aside and stripping off his shirts.  Oh yeah, he does look good.  I crook my finger at him and he moves in close again, standing right between my knees.

“Well, do I?”

“Uh huh.”

Real words right now are not possible.  Hot damn.  I must touch.  His dark olive skin is smooth and warm with just the right amount curling hair.  I run my hands over his chest and shoulders.  Oh my god, I want him so badly. His hands tug my shirt from my waistband then slide underneath as he pulls me close.  We are kissing again, practically devouring each other.

Don’t ask me how it happens, but next thing I know the door is blocked so no one else can come in, and our clothes are strewn about the room.  He kisses and licks his way down until his face is buried between my legs, his tongue lapping at my heat.    His broad shoulders easily keep my knees apart.  I can’t help but squirm as the sensations build up inside me.  He holds me in place with those large strong hands firmly gripping my hips.  I throw my head back with an inarticulate cry as a massive, shuddering orgasm rips through me.

He is giving me that kilowatt smile once again as he straightens up and leans in for another kiss.  I happily oblige, tasting myself on him.



To My Darling

“Even though  I am a bit tired, I feel as if I could take on the world this morning.  And, it is All Your Fault!” A heart in the place of the upright in the exclamation point and signed off, “I love you, my love.”

She and her lover had been disconnected of late, and it was wrecking havoc with both of them.  In the wee hours of night become morning, they sat down to talk, both wanting to reach out to the other but trepidation stilling their movement.  The words came slowly at first, cautiously spoken, each not wanting to cause hurt or drive the other away.  A lightening of heart and mind happened as things were discussed.

Finally, a tentative kiss that expanded into a passionate embrace which led to a reconnection of another kind.  They responded eagerly to every touch each one rediscovering the other’s body.  She rejoiced in her lover’s skill as he brought her to fullness time and time again from both without and within.  One last explosion of need and desire fulfilled and they lay entwined together, spent.


Group Dynamics

I don’t know why, but I really am quite surprised. 

A disagreement, but really a misunderstanding, has devolved into what amounts to be a school yard turf war.  It could be a scene out of “Mean Girls” but these are not teenage girls.  They are grown women who should know better. 

Correspondence flew back and forth with each suceeding response including more recipients.  Statements have been min-construed.  Assumptions of intent have been made.  And, overall, things have been taken out of context. 

Beyond the ruffled feathers and wounded pride, feelings have been hurt.  Hurt beyond repair remains to be seen.

So much could have been solved by simply speaking to one another.

The written word is a wonderful thing, allowing us to communicate across distance and time.  However, if care is not taken in the writing, results can be disasturous.  Misunderstandings happen even when conversing face to face with all the other hints there to guide you: the inflection and tone of voice, the body language, etc.  The written word does not have these nuances and can easily come across as cold and unfeeling.

Can the rifts be mended and the wounds tended to?  Can this be resolved in a manner where digity remains intact or is it too late for that?  I do not yet know.

when the muse strikes

Who is that you see in the mirror of your writings?  What reflection gazes back at you?  Is it something from your past or a hope of your future or even a glance at your now?

Looking back over bit and pieces of my written things, I can see the influence of time and place.  Nostalgia reigns, and they are kept as reminders.  Slowly they will come here to be shared.  Perhaps it is a vanity to think others may find these thoughts interesting.  It is certainly a self indulgence.


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