One thing Leads to Another

It’s a crowded hallway with all the stuff stacked about, sometimes not much room to maneuver.  I’m working on something, not really paying attention when someone needs to get by into the room beyond. A murmured “excuse me”, a protecting / warning hand briefly touches my hip, slides across my lower back. I look over, see that it is him.

He gives me that smile again, “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” I say.

Fortunately for me my work takes me into the room as well.   The door closes behind me as I move away from it.  For several long moments we just stand there looking at each other, barely a foot between us.  I can see the lines of his well built chest stretching his shirt, and I wonder what it looks like without it.  His mouth is full and sensual surrounded by a light scruff.  And those dark eyes drinking me just make my heart speed up.

Finally I ask, “You don’t mind do you?”

“Mind what?” he asks, unsure.

“That I’ve been enjoying the scenery.”

His eyes light up with his laugh, and he shakes his head, “No, not at all.  I’ve been enjoying it too.  I was hoping I would see you again. ”

I grin.  “Yeah?”

“Yeah.  We didn’t get a chance to talk the other day.”

“No, no we didn’t,” I reply thinking that talking was not what I had in mind.

Apparently it wasn’t really what he had in mind either as he closes the short distance between us and presses his lips to mine.  The kiss is tentative at first, but I put my hands on either side of his neck and pull him in as I kiss him back with aggression.  He responds in kind.    It is like electricity between us, sparks flying and I can’t get enough.  I want more.  Suddenly my feet are no longer touching the ground as he lifts me up.  I break the kiss in surprise.  I could see he is breathing as hard as I am as he sets me on the counter.  My head is just a bit higher than his now.

“I have wanted to do that for days,” he tells me, catching his breath.

“Me too.” I bit my lip.  “Does the rest of you look as good as your chest?”

He answers by putting his hat aside and stripping off his shirts.  Oh yeah, he does look good.  I crook my finger at him and he moves in close again, standing right between my knees.

“Well, do I?”

“Uh huh.”

Real words right now are not possible.  Hot damn.  I must touch.  His dark olive skin is smooth and warm with just the right amount curling hair.  I run my hands over his chest and shoulders.  Oh my god, I want him so badly. His hands tug my shirt from my waistband then slide underneath as he pulls me close.  We are kissing again, practically devouring each other.

Don’t ask me how it happens, but next thing I know the door is blocked so no one else can come in, and our clothes are strewn about the room.  He kisses and licks his way down until his face is buried between my legs, his tongue lapping at my heat.    His broad shoulders easily keep my knees apart.  I can’t help but squirm as the sensations build up inside me.  He holds me in place with those large strong hands firmly gripping my hips.  I throw my head back with an inarticulate cry as a massive, shuddering orgasm rips through me.

He is giving me that kilowatt smile once again as he straightens up and leans in for another kiss.  I happily oblige, tasting myself on him.




Rene glanced over at Madeline as he drove the jeep over the rutted dirt jungle road.  She had been unnaturally quiet since he had had to pry the combat knife out of her hands back at the compound.  He was worried.  He had seen her like this only a couple of times before.  He had known it would happen though, when they saw what was going on back there.  They had all gone a shade paler, but for her it was personal.

“Anything?” he asked the big man crouched in the back of the jeep watching the road behind them.

“No,” Vincent answered, his voice a low rumble.  “Looks like we’re in the clear.”


Keeping his eyes on the road behind them, he said, “That was some shit back there.”

“Oui,” Rene agreed.  “Yes.”

“Ain’t never seen shit like that.  Heard about it, but…”

Rene grimaced but said nothing, his eyes sliding over to his wife once again.  Her jaw was clenched, and rage still burned in her eyes.  She held on tight to the roll bar and the dash, her knuckles showing white even through the dirt, grime and blood.

Not much later, they pulled into the small village where they had set up base camp, and Rene drove the jeep to the farthest outlying abode.  Madeline exited the jeep without a word, shouldering her pack and weapons.  Rene and Vincent both watched her enter the thatched building.  Rene sighed, shouldered his own gear and followed her in.  Vincent decided to hang back with the jeep for a bit, and let the couple deal with their business.

She dropped her pack to the side and put her weapons on the table.  They needed a good cleaning, but all she did was stare at them.  Rene came up behind her and put his arms about her waist.

She leaned back against him, the last vestiges of her rage slipping away.  “If only we had gotten there sooner…”

“We did all we could, Maddie,” he told her softly.

“It’s not enough, Rene.”

“It never is, mon amour.  It never is.  Come, let’s get cleaned up.”

She turned in his arms, her green eyes meeting his grey.    He saw the haunted look there, just a glimpse of the vulnerable girl she had once been.  He cupped her face in one hand and kissed her gently.  The kiss was sweet and tender, and she gave him a small smile.

“I’ll be all right, mijn liefde,” she told him.  “Time for a vacation I think.”

His mouth quirked up in that crooked smile that always melted her.  “Some place exotic?”

It was an old joke, but it never failed to amuse.  “Ja.  Exotic.  Home.   I’m going to bathe.  You can tell Vincent it is safe to come in now.”

“Je t’aime, Maddie,” he said, sharing a kiss with her once more before releasing her.

“En ik houd u, Rene,” she answered before slipping away to the bathing room.

Rene went to the front door and opened it.  “All clear, Vincent.”

Vincent came in a moment later, burdened by his gear and a woven basket.  At Rene’s look, he explained, “The locals thought we might be hungry.”

Rene grinned.  Vincent seemed to have that effect wherever they went.  People, especially mothers and grandmothers, were always trying to feed him.  The daughters usually had other things in mind.  “Save some for us, will you?”

“You better hurry.”

They had cleaned themselves and their weapons up and now lounged about what served as a back patio.  They would pack up and head out in the evening, traveling while it was cooler.  For now, they decompressed a bit.

“Vincent?” Madeline asked.  “You got anything lined up after this?”

He shook his head.  “No.  Was going to get some down time before hanging out the shingle again.”

“We’re headed home,” Rene said.  “Why don’t you stay with us?”

“Yeah?  Won’t be no trouble?

Madeline nodded.  “Yeah.  It’s all good.  Plenty of room.”



Rene stood on the balcony that overlooked the pool watching Madeline nap in the sun.  Her olive skin bronzed and glowed with the light, highlighting every part of her.  You are beautiful, mon cher, he thought.   She stretched, cat like, and, as if she had heard him, looked up, admired his strong arms and shoulders.

“What mischief are you up to, my love?” she asked him.

“Just admiring the scenery before I finish packing.”

Now she sat up and frowned a bit.  “Packing?  Paris?”


“Today…tonight, then?”

Today, in an hour.  I have to catch a flight to Rio first.”

She sighed.  “So I get to face the state jackals alone.”

He laughed.  “It is probably safer for them that way.”

“But not as much fun.”

“Why don’t you have Vincent serve as your escort.  That will set them all on their ears.”

An eye brow quirked up and she looked back over her shoulder at the muscular man floating in the pool.   It was not a bad proposition.  A devilish smile played about her lips.

The man in question opened an eye and looked from Rene to Madeline and back.  “What kind of trouble are you getting me into now, Jacobs?”

Rene’s smile was crooked and full of mischief now.  “Nothing you can’t handle, my friend.  Just a state dinner with my beautiful Madeline.”

“I’d rather be shot at,” he rumbled.

Rene laughed.

“I can arrange that,” Madeline said with a laugh of her own.  She felt much the same about the dinner.

“Can I go like this?” he asked, indicating his mostly unclothed form.

She turned to her husband.  “Which do you think would cause more of a scandal – no shirt or no pants or, horror, no jacket?”

“No jacket,” he answered simply.  “Lack of the other two will just net more income.”

Her eyes glinted with amusement and lust as she turned her attention back to Vincent.  “Rene’s right.  You could make a fortune as an escort.”

The big man actually blushed which sent Madeline into peals of laughter.  Rene laughed as well but the sound was receding.  She looked back up to the balcony then to the curving staircase to the side of it.  He was soon down on the pool level and approaching her.  He had a stunning physique and moved the grace of a hunter.  As always her breath caught at the sight of him.

“Are you sure you only have an hour, Rene?” she asked rising from the lounger, desire shining out at him from her eyes.

In answer he cupped her face with his hands and kissed her deeply.  The kiss sent tingles throughout her body, and she half purred half moaned.   He released the kiss, licking his lips.  “Turn around, my sweet?”

She gazed into his eyes for a moment, reading the thoughts there, and then slowly turned her back to him.  She faced the pool now and Vincent, who still floated in its middle.  Rene put his lips to her neck and inhaled.  She smelled of cocoa butter and spices and other intoxicating things.  His fingers moved deftly to release the strings of her suit and the fabric fell away.  His hands roamed over her oil slick skin with expert skill, massaging and caressing, giving extra attention to those places that heightened her excitement, and his lips danced and suckled at her neck and ears.  She leaned into his ministrations and moaned with pleasure as her body responded to his touch.

Vincent was frozen where he was, watching the sight unfold before him.  Madeline had always aroused his lust, but he kept it in check as difficult as it was.  She moved and behaved with a near primal sensuality that was a sweet sort of torment.  It would have been easier to not be near her, but he was a moth to her flame.  Unable to tear his eyes away, he watched even now, as her husband stoked her need, and she slowly writhed under his touch.  He could not help his own response and his hands curled and dug into the arms of the lounger raft.

Her head was titled back and her eyes closed.  Every touch elicited a moan or purr or growl.  She knew he would drive her to the edge of madness and eagerly anticipated it.  His mouth hovered over her ear, “Tell me what you want, who you want.”

She twisted her head to look into his eyes.  He knew her well, well enough to know the answer, but he wanted to hear it, wanted her to tell him.  She saw that knowledge and the acceptance of it there in his eyes.  Excitement was there as well, eagerness to hear her scream in pleasure.

“I want you, Rene, you and Vincent, to love me and to fuck me.  Here.  Now.”

Rene’s lips paused as he looked up to Vincent, an invitation clear in his eyes.  She wanted them both, and he made sure she always got what she wanted.

He whispered, “Beckon to him, my love.  Call to him.”

And she did, raising her hand to beckon to him.  As she called to Vincent, Rene caressed those special spots and his name became a moan of need.  That moan broke the last of Vincent’s restraint.  With a brief splashing of water he quickly crossed the distance between them and pulled himself up out of the pool.  He ran his hands over her stomach and breasts, lightly trailing his fingers up to the hollow of her throat.  His skin was cool from the water, and she shivered with delight at the feel of it.

Vincent slid a hand behind her neck and leaned in to taste her mouth.  Her lips eagerly sought his, tongue darting out to tickle and tease.  He caught her tongue with his lips and sucked on it, one hand tangled in her hair, the other sliding up and down her torso.  All the while he watched her expressions, seeing that she really did want him.

Rene released her into Vincent’s hold and stepped back long enough to shed his pants.  When he returned he ran his hands down her sides and hips and his lips down her spine.  She arched her back, pressing into Vincent, her moan caught by his mouth.

Riddick Fanfic

I am in the process of writing a Riddick fanfic on

Fires of Home Called by Shirah, Riddick returns to Furya.

Story is rated M for language.

Courtesan – Flanders`

Jess was almost humming as she rode at an easy pace along the small game trail.  She had not planned on the hunt lasting more than an afternoon, but it had stretched out into two days.  The fresh spore she had seen convinced her to take the extra time, and she was glad of it.  Two partially dressed maug-deer were strapped across the back of her pack horse.  She had also managed to catch some maug-rabbit and quail.  The catch would supplement the garrison’s supply nicely.  For now, she headed towards the Flanders Outstead.  She planned to give them some of the rabbit and quail in exchange for the provisioning they gave her every hunt.

She spied the open back gate through the trees and pulled up short.  The gate should not be open.  She lifted the quiver up from the pommel and settled it across her back.  She check her bowstring and the blades strapped to either thigh then quietly slid from her mount.  She looked to each side, led the horses off of the trail and ground tethered the.  She preferred they were able to pull loose and run if they needed.  She did not return to the trail to approach the gate but took cautious steps through the undergrowth.  She strained her ears listening for anything out of the ordinary.  The maug was always unnaturally quiet.  She stopped, slung the bow, drew her blades then moved on.  She swiveled towards a long hollow tree that creaked oddly.  A scrap of bright colored fabric was snagged on the outside.  She knelt to inspect it: bright blue with a stitched yellow flower.

“Karsis,” she whispered.

The tree whimpered.  Jess slid one blade back into its sheath and knelt by the opening.  “Karsis, is that you?  Sweetie, it’s Jess.”

A small tear-streaked face framed by dark hair slowly appeared in the opening.  Violet eyes round with fear fixated on Jess’s face.  The girl suddenly wormed out of the tree and flung herself onto Jess burying her face in the woman’s shoulder.  Jess hugged her with her free arm and put away the other blade.

“Karsis, can you tell me what happened?”

Without looking up, Karsis shook her head.  Jess pursed her lips then whickered to her horse.  The animal’s dappled nose pushed through the growth to push at Jess’ shoulder.

“Karsis, do you remember my horse Gwen?  I need you to stay with her.  Karsis, do you understand?”

The girl clung more tightly and shook her head again.

“Karsis, please, sweetie, I need to check on your family.”

The mare lipped Karsis’ hair, and she looked up.  Jess rose with the girl in her arms.  “Karsis, I’m going to put you in my saddle.  You can lean forward and hug Gwen’s neck, okay?”

Karsis nodded, and Jess lifted her up. Jess took a carry belt from her saddlebags as the girl hid her face in Gwen’s mane.


Jess stepped around the gate without touching it and onto the small footbridge.  The  inner gate to the outer livestock yard was closed.  That was good.  It meant that whatever had scared Karsis enough to cause her to run into the forest alone had not followed her.

The normally bustling outstead was beyond quiet.  The livestock were all missing except for a couple of game hens that wandered about.  All the feed was gone as well, and there was no sign of the herding dogs.  As she moved around the yards, Jess did see evidence of fighting but no bodies.  It was all very strange.

There were only two structures left to search: the signal tower and the main house.  Jess turned towards the signal tower, a tall, stone chimney over a bricked fire pit with a sheltered ramp that ran around it to the very top.  A woodshed snugged up against the stones at the ramp’s lowest level.  Fortunately, whomever had taken the livestock had left the wood.  She stepped back and scanned to the top.  Someone could be up there.  She frowned and glanced back at the house.  During her search, Jess had kept looking for signs of movement at the doors and windows but had seen nothing.

Best to check here first.  The sheds were cleared quickly.  Both sides were stacked to the rafters, dry on one end, green on the other.  The pit, though, was something else altogether, not that someone hidden there could climb out unassisted.  She headed for the ramp first, one long curved blade held out in front, the other behind.  The ascent did not take long.  The tower ramp was as empty as every place else had been.  She headed back down to check the pit.

Jess dug in her carry belt for her striker as she approached the pit’s maw.  A mirrored lamp hung and a torch hung to one side.   The wick of the lamp lit quickly and burned brightly.  She lit the torch as well then angled the mirrors of the lamp to aim the light through the opening.   There was a quick flash of what might have been skin and the pre-laid wood in the pit shifted.

“Show yourself,” Jess called out,  “or I light the wood with you in there!”

A soot streaked face of a prepubescent girl soon appeared, eyes wide with fear.  Jess recognized as one of Karsis’ older cousins but could not put a name to her.   She put the torch in it’s bracket and hung the lamp from the hook in the middle of the opening.

“Youngling, I’m going to put down the ladder for you,” she told the girl.  “Then you can come up and help me with Karsis, okay.”

The girl nodded.

Courtesan -0-

Jess had nestled her head in the hollow between the top of Arik’s hip and bottom of his rib cage.  His hand rested on the back of her head.  She watched as the light breeze from the open window toyed with curls of hair on his bare chest.  She sighed contentedly and traced the line of his groin with her fingers.  A playful growl issued from his throat.  “You are insatiable, woman.”

She leaned in and gave a teasing kiss to the tip of his cock. “Only with you, lover.”

He pulled her up to look into her oh so green eyes.  “You are wicked.”

She grinned mischievously.  “You wouldn’t want me any other way.”

He knew he would lose this battle so he changed the subject.  “Will you hunt tomorrow?”

Seriousness descended upon her.  “Yes.”

“With care, Jess?”

“Always, Arik.”

She insisted on hunting alone.  He hated it but had learned not to push the issue.  Still, he always asked her to take care.  The worry in his eyes nagged at her.  She should not care so much; he was just a client.  She knew she was kidding herself.  They had evolved beyond the client relationship long ago.  There had not been an exchange of funds for services in many, many months.  She did not want to do down the trail her thoughts were going.  She could change the subject too.

Jess caught his lower lip with her teeth and tickled it with her tongue then sucked on it.  She ground her hips into his. “Arik, I want you.”

Desire supplanted the worry as she continued her ministrations.  She planted licking, biting kisses on his neck and chest, and abdomen.  She pressed herself against his groin as she wriggled downwards, enjoying the sensation of his reaction.

“Wicked, wicked woman,” he breathed.

She lifted her head up just enough to smile at Arik then buried her nose and mouth into his pubic hair.  He moaned as her lips, teeth and tongue explored his groin.  She nosed under his stiffening cock and suckled at his balls, taking one and then the other into her mouth.  He spread his legs to give her better access.  She brought a hand down and wet her little finger with her mouth.  She stroked her finger into his asshole as she sucked at skin under his balls.  He arched his back, his cock practically begging for attention.  She relented and nipped the base of his cock while her thumb and forefinger encircled it and began a rhythmic contraction.  She worked her way towards the tip, alternately licking and sucking then pushed back the foreskin to expose his throbbing  head.  Soft, wet kisses teased him into full erection.  She sucked on his head until he forced her name through a clenched jaw.


By the gods, this woman loves to fuck!  And the things that make her scream with pleasure…. Arik had never practiced more self control than when he was with Jess.  He grabbed her hips, held them still then lifted her up enough to slide out of her.  “Not yet,” he answered to the look she threw over her shoulder.

Red Satin

Long, dark hair, light olive skin, a classic hour glass figure and that red satin dress…she took my breath away.  And then she came over.

“You’ve been watching me.”  It was not a question.

“You are stunning,” I told her.

She smiled at the compliment but had a question in her eyes.  It took a small moment for her to decide to sit across from me.  The waitress seemed to appear out of thin air.  I looked to my new companion.  “Would you allow me to buy you a drink?”

She nodded and ordered a vodka gimlet.  “I’ve seen you here before.”

“I come in every other week or so for a couple of hours.”

“Sometimes there’s a man with you.”

“Yes, my husband.  Depends on our schedules and what’s going on.”

“Did I get the wrong impression?”

“No.  I enjoy … eye candy … of either gender. ”

She was incredulous.  “Does he know this?’

I laughed.  “Oh, yes.  We compare notes sometime.  He also teases me when he see someones he thinks I’d find attractive.  He tells me ‘Here’s someone for you when I bite the big one’.”

She tilted her head to the side.  “You have an interesting relationship.”

I couldn’t help but smile.  “That’s one way to put it.”

Her drink arrived.  I paid for her drink and included my tip for the night.  She sipped at her Gimlet and considered something. Her eyes met mine.  “Tell me what you were thinking.”

“I think we should know each others names first.  I’m Enna,” I said.

“Hello, Enna, I’m Krysta.”

“I am pleased to meet you, Krysta.”

“Now that the formalities are done, Enna, tell me what you were thinking.”

It was my turn to stall by sipping from my drink.  It is one thing to think about something; it is a whole other thing to put it into audible words.  How would Krysta react?  Indications were favorable, however… I decided to forge ahead.

“I was imagining what it would be like to kiss you and run my hands over your skin.”

A blush colored her cheeks and she let out a small laugh.  “Phew, I thought it was going to be weird.”

Now I was puzzled.  “What do you mean?”

Krysta shrugged.  “A guy says something like that, it’s either stalker creepy or a done deal in his brain.  You made no such assumptions.”

I nodded.  “True!  I’m not on the receiving end much anymore so I’d forgotten.  A steel bitch gaze helps I guess.”

We shared a woman to woman smile that exasperatedly said “Men!”

She looked away, a wistful expression on her face.  “Pity,” she said.

“What is?”

“That you’re married.”