Map Maker, Map Maker, Make Me A Map

I am in the process of starting a storytelling / collaborative writing “game” with some friends on DreamLyrics, a play by post message board. In going through my various files I pulled up what had originally started as a hand drawn map. That was then scanned in, colored and tweaked, all in painstaking tediousness, in Paint. It was all I had access to at the time. I like my old original map, but it desperately needs to be expanded to show more than just the small corner of the world I had in mind at the time.

This lead me to do a Google search for the term “Map maker” which brought up this link:
Fantasy Map Maker. The post on the home page is back from March, but it lead me then to this:
Campaign Cartographer 3. It was at this point I think I began to drool.

I have always had a thing for maps. I have a collection of them in fact including a tiny globe that serves as a pencil sharpener. I think if I had been born in another time, I might have been a cartographer. So, upon finding a program that would let me make my own worlds….I doth covet!! I think I will start small with just the CC3 and slowly add the various expansion pieces. Some I can see immediate use for like the City Designer, others not so much…yet. This could become yet another artsy type addiction.

This is going to be fun.