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Hop over and check out Alena’s Endor Camping Adventures.

Yup, she’s a Star Wars geek, but her camping outings to that area predate the presence of Imperials, Rebels, Ewoks, and a lone Wookie.

Tell her I said hello too!

Are you alive, Sanka?

Hey folks. This site has languished and been neglected for some time. Since the last post, I’ve moved twice, spent a few years as an independent contractor traveling for work far too much, then wound up back in a W-2 job and have seemed to have settled for the time being. While the day job does keep me quite busy even now, I’ve been revisiting hobbies that went by the wayside for while and other assorted things. We’ll just have to see where the journey takes us, eh? Now that we’re all caught up with the boring stuff….

Let the Games begin…
Role Playing Games that is.

I’ve wandered back over to Dreamlyrics ( and have restarted an old game for just one, a system-less homegrown called It’s Cold Outside, Part Deux. We’ll see where it goes.

I’m slowly building a Tavern style game on a Discord server called the Hitchhiker’s Bar & Grille. I’ve roped some friends I’ve known since my CI$ (that’s Compuserve to you youngins) days into assisting. Thanks much, Ciric and Aerten!

I’ve backed two recent games on Kickstarter:
* Stargate the RPG
* Thirsty Sword Lesbians

I’ve turned in my first contributor submission for Gooey Cube. Find out more about the wondrous world of Zyathe at

I got a weekend pass for the virtual con TsunamiCon 2020 ( running this Friday to Sunday and signed up as a player for a Gooey session on Saturday.

Hit up DrivethruRPG ( for a game from Chris Perrin (Twitter @Blogwelldone) called Mecha inspired by the likes of Robotech. As of today, there is a weekly game session streamed on Twitch ( on Wednesdays ~ 830P Central. The 1st session is available for viewing as of this writing.

And I’ve been able to personally patronize a couple of Artists, also, not unsurprisingly, known through gaming connections.

There’s Nix (Twitter @MC_Etching) who does the most amazing geekery glass and metal etching. You can find his exquisite work at and

There’s also the wonderful Silkenray who has done a commission for me for my next tattoo once those shops are open again. It’s absolutely exquisite and I can’t wait to be able to share my new ink. She’s got a site over on DeviantArt at

That’s it for me this evening.

Remember to Be Excellent to Each Other.

And if you are in the US, be sure to Vote!