For when the muse strikes, we must answer to her call.

Yes, there is only a very little information here. But I will share a bit more…

Ividia is not the name on my identification although it is a name I have used for many, many years. The full name was Ividia K’shena Talesedrin and was inspired by the Plains people of Mercedes Lackey’s Vows & Honor duology and the Valdemar stories. I have since shortened it to Ividia Kt. Of Merecedes’ characters, my favorite by far is Kerowyn (the book is By the Sword).

As must be obvious by the fanfic links, I’m a Riddick fan.  Of all of Vin’s characters, he is my favorite.  And if you caught Vin’s live stream on 1/12/11, he now knows it too. (been grinning like a fool since)

I have adored Wolverine for years and years.  I was a comic book reader and went for anything that had Wolverine.  A conversation with a coworker about Wolverine ended something like this:

“And Hugh Jackman portraying him was just the icing on the cake?’


If it isn’t hugely apparent, my favored genres are science fiction and fantasy although I have been known to read horror, thrillers and spy novels. I accidentally even read a romance once because of who wrote it.

The authors I’ve read (by no means an exhaustive list or in any specific order):
Mercedes Lackey (if you haven’t read her Valdemar books, you should)

  • Elizabeth Moon
  • Marion Zimmer Bradely
  • Stephen King
  • Orson Scott Card (the Ender series is amazing)
  • Frank Herbert
  • Douglas Adams (rest in peace)
  • Michael Crichton
  • Dean Koontz
  • James Patterson
  • Robert Ludlum
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Alan Dean Foster
  • Anne McCaffrey
  • JK Rowling (and not because I was afraid of what my kids reading)
  • Tami Hoag (the single romance…cause she also writes Horror and I didn’t realize it wasn’t the same genre)
  • John Saul
  • Terry Goodkind
  • David and Leigh Eddings


Besides writing to amuse myself (and a few others now), I work full time out in the Real World and have a family.  I began  studying Jeet Kune Do in August of 2010 and am enjoying it immensely.  I occasionally refer to it as training to be a Furyan, and I should be testing for my high yellow belt in a couple of weeks.


I follow a solitary eclectic path that includes tenets from Wicca, Celtic mythology, Native American traditions (primarily Cherokee) and Greek mythology.  I follow the Goddess Athena, and my spirit guides are animals.


If there are other things you might want to know, you can ask if you want, just be aware that there are things I will not answer (like what my “real” name is or where I live).  I may come in and edit this up from time to time.  🙂


To paraphrase the big guy:  We are One…One World, One Race, One Love


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