Gosh, It’s been awhile

So many things have happened since I last updated too, too long ago.

There was much work at the contract “day job” that kept me busy traveling and with long hours in between. There was writing with my co-conspirator Aerten. Some of that can be found over at AertenArt.com. There was a couple of cons: Comikaze in LA and Denver Comic Con. There was the advent of leaving the contract world and returning to the W2 world and with that remembering how to function within said world. I have lots and lots of photos stored up, bits and pieces of various writings and maybe now that I’m no longer commuting an extra 600 miles a week, I can get back to keeping things up to date… I hope.

School starts shortly and my workload is piling high. There is supposed to be a trip out to Dallas sometime in the near future for the work stuff. Oh, and the new W2 job also required a household relocation which is it’s own kind of insanity. We have landed and will likely be unpacking for the foreseeable future. My office and studio now live in a single room so there is still much organizing to be done… but in small amounts.

Here’s to an effort to stay connected with y’all again.



  1. Actually, the writerly bits are at the other website, Aerten.com, and GAH! I need to edit the stuff we wrote together. Ok, that’s going on the list. Near the top.

    • I was trying to remember exactly, however…

      • Rightio. Copy that.

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