The old boy has done it again…

I must tell you about this new game… It is being run by of my long time friends and one hell of a GM. In his own words, it is an experiment. How much does it speak to his skill that he had several takers from the start. Honestly, I was not one of the band wagoners from the get go. I had no idea for a character, and normally they just about jump into my head fully formed. I see the initial posts of a couple of the players, and one night my toon comes knocking…and will NOT let me sleep until I get her written down.

He sets it up so that every player has created a fairly average, every day, go to work and pay my dues type of character. We are all cogs in the machine if you will. For each of us, our first series of posts are just our toons going about their day on a pleasant spring day in San Francisco. Night falls, we are getting ready for turn in for the night, etc….and the next thing we all know, we are in a place out of our worst nightmares.

And away we go…

If you’re new to these bits and pieces of RPG posts, I play PBP games, that is play by post over on DreamLyrics. If you might be interested, stop by and visit. Most active games can be browsed by the public at large, though the one mentioned above, Just Another Day, is age restricted due to the content. We love to see new faces, and maybe you might even run into someone you know. Many of us played together on the Compuserve RPGs CIG way back when.

Happy Gaming!


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