Another update

We have been in our new place for a whole month now, and, yes, unpacking is still occurring. The absolute essentials were put out first, now the rest is a bit at time to organize and what not. Sine we are in a house now (hurray!) instead of a condo there’s actually room to truly organize, and I’m doing it a bit at a time. My office is mostly set up. There are a few boxes I still need to go through but nothing earth shatteringly urgent. The kitchen is done and the bathrooms for the most part. Still working on the master bedroom, again, nothing urgent there. With the day job I have now, my clothing needs are limited to jeans and a top appropriate to the weather.

Last weekend I bought peat pots and seeds to get a garden started. The part of the back yard I want to use still needs work, but I can at least get my seedlings going. Plus there are several pots that can be temporary quarters for the growing things. Munchkin helped me plant the seeds and is excited to see them sprouting. Those with leaves have already been transferred to small indoor containers. It is still to early to transplant outside even if the garden area was ready. We are still getting below freezing temps are night.

The new house also has several mature fruit trees in back, and we are all looking forward to the bounty. One is already in full bloom…

Other than the PBP RPGs I’m in I have not done much writing or picture taking but soon things will be in place and I’ll be back to it.

Blessed Be.


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