Life Update

We’ve been in a packing frenzy for the last month, and the big day is only five days away.  We found a house near (about 7 minutes) my new day job that is only a few dollars more than the condo we have been renting for the last while.  Lil man will have his own room and a yard to play in without having to worry about neighbors who do not pick up after their dogs and a cousin next door.  Mom (me) will have an actual office with an actual door (i.e. a place to hide!).  The owner is a lovely Indian man who decided to give us access early so I can drop things off before / after work this week right before the big push on Friday.

We also bargained to do the painting ourselves for cost of materials.  We did measuring this past weekend and picked the colors.  The kitchen, laundry and bathrooms will all be one color and the rest another.  Packing and moving is stressful, but we are very excited.

As for the fur babies, they are not so happy.  They do not deal well with change even though they have their own room now too.  We moved them in tonight.  One of them decided he was NOT going to leave his carrier even though he yowled most of the drive up, the big baby.  The other two were being a touch more curious.

It’s been a big year for change already.  When last Samhaim came around, I knew there were changes brewing.  I had been feeling it all year.  Then we had the  big job change when I left an employer after 15 years, now we are moving and there are more on the way.

Year of the Dragon indeed.  Or as my one screen saver says, Carpe Diem!


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