Vibram FiveFingers

I went out on a mission today.  To acquire a new pair of running shoes, a certain style in particular…barefoot.  I had seen them, read about them, and had a couple of friends who had them.  So it was a trek over to Sports Chalet.  After trying on a few pairs, I found three I really loved but could only justify buying one pair (Solstice, Christmas and my birthday are coming up <snicker> so I have a list ready).  I came home with a pair of Vibram FiveFingers Bikilas, in fact, I walked out of there with them on.  These are now, by far, my favorites.  I prefer to be “off-road” but had challenges with traditional running shoes because I couldn’t feel the ground properly and would trip or slip on stuff.

We went out on a little walk this evening, in the dark, down a steep trail I would even try in daylight in other running shoes. Between the traction these gave me and the ability to actually use my whole foot, I made it down with no problems and up was actually easier. I also know that my balance is much better when I can spread out my toes. I trek that would have had me aching and sore before, and I felt invigorated after. I can’t recommend these enough.

For minute details on these visit the Vibram FiveFingers website.

Oh, and I just discovered a site giving away a pair a month….

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