Girl Got Game

Over on DreamLyrics a long time friend has started a new play by post RPG based in the world of the comic Old Man Logan. Being a long, long time Logan fan, there was no way I was going to pass this up. That, and the fact that PP is an amazingly, detailed writer and crafter of games made this a win-win scenario. There is no system or mechanics other than what is in his head, and I am perfectly okay with that. I like the mechanics to be invisible. The old “PC2 moves to attack K3” stilted stuff just bogs things down for me, especially in a play by post format.

The game is starting out near the beginning of the story arc. Logan is still at the ranch with his family. What happens after that is anyone’s guess as PC actions tend to drastically change the world they are in. Of course bits and pieces of the arc will be used, and I’ve been sworn to secrecy for what I recognize since I’m the only one of the players that is familiar with the story.

The player characters are all in their teens and each has some kind of power. It remains to be seen if they will survive the world long enough to become the new Heroes the world needs so badly.

So far only two of us have actually started game play. I must say that the first post for my Wren blew us (me and the toon) completely away, both figuratively and literally.

I am so going to enjoy this game.

Update: I will be archiving the game story / play over at Old Man Logan RPG

Old Man Logan was published by Marvel Comics as an 8-story issue from 2008-2009. A hard copy collector’s edition was published in January 2010.


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