Coya Tempesti

It was the quiet that woke Coya. The ship was utterly still, unusual even when they were at dock. Looking around she saw Flint staring out the open window. She saw his fingers moving, the glint of gold gliding through them.

“Storm coming, Flint?” she asked as she rose from the bed and wrapped a shawl about her shoulders.

“Aye, lass, big one too,” he answered without looking over.

“How long?”

“Day, maybe two.”

She put a hand on his shoulder and shivered. “How long have you been standing here, Flint? Your skin’s like ice.”

Shrugging he did now turn towards her. He was oddly somber and contemplative. “Why do ye do it, Coya?”

She tensed a little. He rarely used her name, the name she had chosen for herself. They both knew it was not her real name. She had never given that, and he had never asked, content to call her lass.

“Do what, Flint?”

“Stay with an old sea dog like me. Surely younger and handsomer men have caught your eye.”

Is that all it is? Coya smiled and kissed his cheek.. “When I leave you, Flint, it won’t be for another. Come back to bed, let me warm you up, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

He enjoyed watching the sway of her hips as he let her lead him back to his bed. Derrick Flint did not get to be a successful pirate captain by being a fool, and any woman-loving man who turned down Coya’s offer would be a fool. She had been a mere slip of a girl when he had brought her aboard, and she had become an exquisite woman with beauty and brains in equal measure.

They sank down into the mattress together, and she wrapped herself and the blankets about him. She pillowed his head on her breasts and began to run her fingers through his hair. “Flint, my dear captain, you may be a dirty scoundrel of a pirate, but you have always treated me with nobility and honor.”

“And nobility and honor is something you know of, lass?”

“Yes, intimately. And you have more of it than most nobles, you can take my word on that. That you waited for me to offer you what you could have easily taken by force only exemplifies it,” she answered then continued before he could think to ask more. “As to when I will leave you, that will happen when I have enough to build or buy my own ship.”

“So I should ensure our ventures are less successful from here on to keep you around longer?”

She laughed, knowing it to be the empty threat it was. “No one will ever replace you, Flint. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“But I will be replaced by your ship.”

“Will you be jealous of her?”

“No more than you are of the Estrella.”

“She and I have come to understanding.”

“Oh? And what kind of understanding would that be?”

“She takes care of you out there, and I take care of you in here,” she told him.. “Flint?”

“Aye, lass?”

“What is that gold piece you were ruminating over? It always seems to come to hand when you think deeply.”

“Tis just a momento,” he said, “from the early days of my career.”

“Tell me about someday?”

He tilted his head back to see her face. “Aye, someday.”


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