RVM excerpt

Rene smiled and nodded to the guard as he crossed the room and draped an arm around Vincent’s shoulders. He leaned in and spoke clearly and quietly into the other man’s ear. “If you put Madeline at greater risk by not behaving towards her as a husband would, you will regret it.”

Vincent turned enough to see the older man’s eyes, the deadly seriousness there. They, the three of them were in the middle of a delicate situation, and they were improvising. Their fourth had been delayed at the last minute, and the initial plan had already been in play. Adjustments had been made on the fly, and now the people of this town and the Commandant controlling it expected Vincent and Madeline to marry, to prove they were who they said they were, just a young couple wanting a romantic destination wedding.

The expected bridegroom’s deep voice caught on her name. “Madeline…”

The best man and supposed brother of the bride held his gaze. “Will do what is necessary. She’s a survivor.” He grinned then. “And if I know my Maddie like I think I do, she’ll enjoy herself too.”


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