Card of the Day 1/26/11

I decided to do a Card of the Day for tomorrow, and this card literally jumped out at me.  Oddly enough or not, I’ve always had an affinity for hematite.  I would like to acquire a ring of hematite once again.  It always goes so well with my turquoise.  Anyway, on to the card reading.

Hematite (masculine – foot chakra – earth)

Hematite is the magnetic stone that grounds, balances, stabilizes and reconnects to Mother Earth.  Hematite is the symbol of the Warrior’s courage and protection.  Hematite strengthens me and enhances the positive aspects of my personality, engendering trust and  optimism.  Hematite is the corner stone of creativity and invention.

I am grounded and balanced with a deep and strong connection to the Earth.  I offer both the courage and protection of a Warrior, and I show that I am trustworthy.  Creativity is a part of my life, whether it is finding a creative solution to a problem at work or exercising my creative writing or experimenting in photo tweaking software.


Blessed Be,



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