On Faith

In the last class with Sifu Ed he repeated a saying I had heard before.  In this moment, it seems appropriate to repeat it here in regards to faith.

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than walking into a garage makes you a car.”

Religion and faith (or spirituality) are two very different things.  I have known many religious people who are faithless, who would turn out the one they profess to follow if he were to walk among them today.  I have also known people of great faith, who give of themselves and truly live their beliefs.  It is a sad thing to say, but, in my experience,  most of the major religions of the world are predominantly made up of the former rather than the latter.

As for myself, I am an Eclectic Pagan.  What that means is I do not follow a single set of tenets from one ‘system’, rather that I incorporate aspects of several different paths.  My faith is not a static thing, but it is ever changing and growing as we all do throughout our lives.

As for where the tenets of my path originate, that has come to me from a variety of sources.  As I have become ready to know them, they have shown themselves to me.

These are the ties to my beginnings, to the people who were my ancestors: the indigenous people of this land, who once called themselves Aniyunwiya commonly known as the Cherokee.   My totem and that of my husband who have both offered me comfort and strength.

The Celts where other beginnings lie.  I, like many, can lay claim to Scottish and Irish ancestry.

The Goddess Athena who offered Wisdom in the Craft of War to ensure the She was victorious.

The philosophies of Taoism and Buddhism that permeate any true study of the martial arts.

All these and others that have not been named keep me in spiritual balance.  My faith is strong and is not threatened by others who believe differently or walk another path for each must seek her own way.



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