On Character(s)

I seem to have this problem with my characters….I never can tell what it is they are going to do until they actually do it.  When I was getting ready to participate in last year’s NaNoWriMo, I kept seeing people posting and making comments about plot outlines and what not. I tried a plot outline once, had the whole story arc mapped out and everything. The story’s characters completely ignored it and me. They just didn’t get that they were supposed to be following my script…either that or they just didn’t care.

I remember reading somewhere an author talking about how her characters take on lives of their own. I think it might have been Mercedes Lackey, maybe. In any case I do know exactly what she is talking about. What I do now is point the characters in a general direction and just see what happens from there.

Oddly enough I find the same thing happens in my PBP (play by post) role playing games. I also try very hard to play true not only to the character I have written but to the surrounding story. I think that’s why one certain GM had so much fun killing me repeatedly. The first time out, though, I didn’t know the PC would live. I was fully prepared for her to die an ignominious death. I would have missed the game terribly had she died then. Of course then we would not have had the utterly dramatic scenes of her most cherished NPCs dieing. I still miss that game since it ended, but I did find a new home for her. Stories of her own … of her life before the time of the game. 🙂

Yes, I’m rambling…

Back to my written characters and the various stories they inhabit. If you are thinking about asking what will happen next, don’t bother because I have not the faintest clue. I may have a general idea of “yeah, they’re going there”, but that doesn’t mean they will. Sometimes they go quiet and won’t talk to me at all. I might as well not even exist. Then there are other times where I can actually see what is happening, and if I don’t get it written down somehow, someway they will give me no peace.

What I’m hoping this all leads to is at least one complete story eventually, as opposed to the never ending kind…you know the ones, where you get through all 1500-2000 pages then have to wait 2 years for the next part…

Currently the only ones that look like they have a chance of finishing at the Riddick non-“one shot” stories. I may just have to get some stuff up on fictionpress.com. The climbing stats and reader reviews really keep me going.

A big, heartfelt thanks to all my readers, both the reviewers and the silent majority.

One Love



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