OFT Albatross Credits

The unended story of the Albatross was contributed to by all her players: Satrak, Pandora, Steve, Ural, Sophos, Ed, and Shrike.  In the great scheme of STS, we alone were GM’less and yet there was never any lack of action.  Each of you brought unique vision and plot twists.  Perhaps one day we will be able to continue.

Sophos is responsible for the incredible ship’s graphics.  His talent is only surpassed by his dedication to this endeavor.

A heartfelt thanks goes to those who made the Albatross so enjoyable.  I count you as dear friends and shall always look  upon our times together with great fondness.

Thanks to Rodney for convincing me to join.

And thank you to all the others of STS,  those who were onboard my first ship, the RSS Valkar;  those who populated the other ships, planets, and starbases: USS Armstrong, USS Black Knight, USS Battalion, RSS Condor, USS Eclipse,  USS Neptune, Idran IV, USS Nova, USS Renegade, USB Shekinah, SS T’ien Nan Men, USS Valkyrie.


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