Kuradin Zaheed

Fortune had smiled on him that day…for once in his life. A caravan headed to the southern lands was short of hands, and he had been there at the hiring hall at the right time. It would put coin in his purse and get him out of the blasted city for awhile. It also promised regular meals which had been scarce of late, and he preferred not to steal his food. It was not that he was above thieving or out of some moral code. It was just that not many places willingly served half-orcs, and he preferred to stay in the tavern keepers good steading.

He had seen one other guard hired on that same day, a dour human mercenary type whose stench made his nose itch. He glowered at the thought of him and scanned the road. One other had joined the caravan just before they left the city, The regulars all knew her and looked askance and a bit nervous at her presence. She stood as tall as most of the men and rode a horse that would support even him. She was swathed head to toe in black with only the gold of her eyes showing.

She watched everything, but most especially she watched him and the human hired at the same time. They were unknowns. While it was obvious she did not ride with every caravan, the regulars knew her and she knew them, addressing them by name if the need warranted it. So far, he had only seen her speak to the Captain who treated her with deference.

Kuradin Zaheed smiled at the memory, the stretching of his lips exposing more of his long sharp canines. Fortune and fate had most assuredly smiled on him that day. Regular meals were no longer a concern, nor was patched together armor or the lack of a steed that could carry him if he should desire one. He would ride out to the surrounding wilds and track and hunt for fun. He would track and hunt in the city for Her, the Marquessa, the Lady of Sable, Belle Inda D’Invierno.

He was in her private chambers now, watching her work. He did not understand much of what she did, only knew that it provided for him in several ways. He had not understood the idea of art until he saw her work the first time. It was beautiful, the skill with which she could pull information from anyone whether they were willing to give it or not. He thought that she rather preferred them to be unwilling. He knew he did.

This one he had fetched for her was most unwilling. That had pleased her almost as much as the speed with which he had returned with him. She had sent him back out in the trader’s guise to collect the man’s wife and child. Those two were caged in a corner whimpering and sniveling by the looks of them. She has silenced their noise with her magery.

Clothed in nothing but the long dark locks of her hair, the Lady in question lazily circled her captive. He was nude as well but apparently not enjoying it. That may have had something to do with the fact that he was bound and hanging spread eagle in the middle of the stone chamber. She ran one sharpened fingernail across his back with just enough pressure to slice the top layer of skin. The man arched his back as much as he could trying to escape the pain of it.

Her voice was low, sultry and smooth as silk. “Are you sure you won’t tell me what I want to know?”

“Nothing you do to me will make me tell you,” he spat.

She smiled widely, her gold eyes shining with avarice. “I was hoping you would say that.”

The man’s eyes widened in sudden fear as she turned her back on him. Her gold eyes sought out and met Kuradin’s green-black eyes. “Herr Zaheed, bring the woman. Make sure she is _properly_ dressed.”

“Yes, my Lady.”

Kuradin displayed his massive canines again as he rose from the large chair he had been sprawled across. A few steps took him to the woman and child who both tried to shrink back in to the wall. His chest shook with his laughter as reached down and picked the woman up by her hair. The child clung to her skirts. He shrugged and used one giant hand to rip the material free from the woman’s body. The woman opened her mouth in a scream but no sound came out.

When she tried to struggle, he swatted her ass hard enough to leave a hand print. Her eyes got big and round as he half carried her to the Lady. She quailed back against Kuradin at his mistress’ approach.

The man began to struggle and shout, “No! No! Leave her be! She doesn’t know anything! I’ll tell you what you want to know!”

Dark tresses swung as she looked over her shoulder. “Yes, Dorin, you will….”

She caressed the woman’s face and ran her hand down over her throat, breasts and belly stopping just as her fingertips touched the first silky curls. “And your wife will enjoy it.”

By the time Belle was quite finished with Dorin she was covered in blood, most of it his, some of it his wife’s. She mock pouted at Kuradin. “Look at me, lover mine, I’m a mess.”

Kuradin’s eyes darkened with lust as he reverently approached his Lady and knelt before her. Tall as he was, even kneeling, his face was level with her breasts. With a slow sensual and thorough patience he began to lick the blood from her skin.


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