Finding Athena

I had not intended to share this, but it came to me tonight that another might benefit.  May Athena’s wise counsel guide you, my friend.

This night I discovered that it was Athena who had been calling to me.  I have known that a Goddess called, but not her name.  I was content to call her Lady and Goddess, and when the moon shone brightly and smiled upon me, I would say, “Goddess Bless” and send my well wishes out into the world.

As to why She chose this time to reveal herself to me, I can only surmise that it is because of the changes happening in my life.  She in Her wisdom and compassion knows that I have need of Her.

She is the Goddess of War, strategic and victorious war.  In two weeks time, my twin sons head off to boot camp and military service.  I pray for Her to guide and protect them.

She is the Goddess of Wisdom.  Wisdom is a thing I need most especially.  Choices lay before me, and I see different paths ahead.  While many details remain unclear, I need to prepare my mind and spirit for that which approaches.

Last but not least, She is the Goddess of Craft.  The many hand crafts have been put aside out of necessity.  However, I have continued with the crafting of words and images as these have called to me.

Athena, my Goddess, I thank You for revealing Yourself to me.  I pray that I live up to Your expectations.  Grant me the benefit of Your wisdom and compassion.  Protect and guide my sons as they journey forth into the world.  Humbly, I am Yours.


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