A Beginning

She had always been a slight girl, petite by most standards.  Dwarfed by the hospital  bed with IVs, tubing and leads draped over her, she seemed even more delicate and frail.  The nurse who came in to check on her knew she was a fighter though, otherwise the girl would be in the morgue.  Her patient did not stir as she pulled back the sheet to expose a body swathed in bandages.  She grimaced and shook her head wondering, once again, what kind of people could do such things to a mere girl.  Her thoughts did not distract her from her work though, and the dressings that needed changing were changed with practiced efficiency.  The woman went on to note her vitals which were stronger everyday and check for pressure ulcers as well as emptying the catheter bag.  She disposed of her gloves then walked softly back to the head of the bed.  With gentle fingers, she brushed the girl’s hair back from her face and whispered, “You’re a brave, girl.  Keep on fighting to come back to us.”


Copyright 2010 Ividia Kt


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