Courtesan -0-

Jess had nestled her head in the hollow between the top of Arik’s hip and bottom of his rib cage.  His hand rested on the back of her head.  She watched as the light breeze from the open window toyed with curls of hair on his bare chest.  She sighed contentedly and traced the line of his groin with her fingers.  A playful growl issued from his throat.  “You are insatiable, woman.”

She leaned in and gave a teasing kiss to the tip of his cock. “Only with you, lover.”

He pulled her up to look into her oh so green eyes.  “You are wicked.”

She grinned mischievously.  “You wouldn’t want me any other way.”

He knew he would lose this battle so he changed the subject.  “Will you hunt tomorrow?”

Seriousness descended upon her.  “Yes.”

“With care, Jess?”

“Always, Arik.”

She insisted on hunting alone.  He hated it but had learned not to push the issue.  Still, he always asked her to take care.  The worry in his eyes nagged at her.  She should not care so much; he was just a client.  She knew she was kidding herself.  They had evolved beyond the client relationship long ago.  There had not been an exchange of funds for services in many, many months.  She did not want to do down the trail her thoughts were going.  She could change the subject too.

Jess caught his lower lip with her teeth and tickled it with her tongue then sucked on it.  She ground her hips into his. “Arik, I want you.”

Desire supplanted the worry as she continued her ministrations.  She planted licking, biting kisses on his neck and chest, and abdomen.  She pressed herself against his groin as she wriggled downwards, enjoying the sensation of his reaction.

“Wicked, wicked woman,” he breathed.

She lifted her head up just enough to smile at Arik then buried her nose and mouth into his pubic hair.  He moaned as her lips, teeth and tongue explored his groin.  She nosed under his stiffening cock and suckled at his balls, taking one and then the other into her mouth.  He spread his legs to give her better access.  She brought a hand down and wet her little finger with her mouth.  She stroked her finger into his asshole as she sucked at skin under his balls.  He arched his back, his cock practically begging for attention.  She relented and nipped the base of his cock while her thumb and forefinger encircled it and began a rhythmic contraction.  She worked her way towards the tip, alternately licking and sucking then pushed back the foreskin to expose his throbbing  head.  Soft, wet kisses teased him into full erection.  She sucked on his head until he forced her name through a clenched jaw.


By the gods, this woman loves to fuck!  And the things that make her scream with pleasure…. Arik had never practiced more self control than when he was with Jess.  He grabbed her hips, held them still then lifted her up enough to slide out of her.  “Not yet,” he answered to the look she threw over her shoulder.


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