To My Darling

“Even though  I am a bit tired, I feel as if I could take on the world this morning.  And, it is All Your Fault!” A heart in the place of the upright in the exclamation point and signed off, “I love you, my love.”

She and her lover had been disconnected of late, and it was wrecking havoc with both of them.  In the wee hours of night become morning, they sat down to talk, both wanting to reach out to the other but trepidation stilling their movement.  The words came slowly at first, cautiously spoken, each not wanting to cause hurt or drive the other away.  A lightening of heart and mind happened as things were discussed.

Finally, a tentative kiss that expanded into a passionate embrace which led to a reconnection of another kind.  They responded eagerly to every touch each one rediscovering the other’s body.  She rejoiced in her lover’s skill as he brought her to fullness time and time again from both without and within.  One last explosion of need and desire fulfilled and they lay entwined together, spent.



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