Group Dynamics

I don’t know why, but I really am quite surprised. 

A disagreement, but really a misunderstanding, has devolved into what amounts to be a school yard turf war.  It could be a scene out of “Mean Girls” but these are not teenage girls.  They are grown women who should know better. 

Correspondence flew back and forth with each suceeding response including more recipients.  Statements have been min-construed.  Assumptions of intent have been made.  And, overall, things have been taken out of context. 

Beyond the ruffled feathers and wounded pride, feelings have been hurt.  Hurt beyond repair remains to be seen.

So much could have been solved by simply speaking to one another.

The written word is a wonderful thing, allowing us to communicate across distance and time.  However, if care is not taken in the writing, results can be disasturous.  Misunderstandings happen even when conversing face to face with all the other hints there to guide you: the inflection and tone of voice, the body language, etc.  The written word does not have these nuances and can easily come across as cold and unfeeling.

Can the rifts be mended and the wounds tended to?  Can this be resolved in a manner where digity remains intact or is it too late for that?  I do not yet know.


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